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    I love to hang out with Friends and Family Members, and my Firemen.


    This is me all of the History and Life, and I am a Volunteer Firefighter, and Also I am a DJ, and I love to hang out with my Fire men, and I love to hang out with more Friends.

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    Some of the Money will go to Autism and Veterans and First Responders, and Animals.

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    Download for Native Americans (Beginners and Experts.


    In Memories of Michael Fernzler.

    He's my friend since we're 7 Years old, and He's always there for me, and I am always there for him.

    1998 - 2017

    Rest in Peace my Old Friend.

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    Thank you for your support and Always there for you and I miss my friends, and I am always there for them and Thank you for helping me to find a Job!
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    This is my Schedule for this year 2019!

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    This is my Meeting Schedule and I don't have Training Schedule, so this is what it is.
  • Me and Andrew

    My old Friend
    Me and him are friends for more than 10 years.

    Me and Andrew  (10+ Years)

    My old Friend
    Me and him are friends for more than 10 years.

    This is from when I was 13 and he was 10.

    I use to be Eagles Fan but not no more, I am Steelers fan.
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    I can do repairs of certain Computers (Desktops, Laptops) and the Parts will cost more of new Parts they're between $50 to $10,000, and I will probly put in Gaming Systems in it, if you would like me to.



    Email me First before you pay.



    Email: FischerJustin@iCloud.com



    Or Contact me below this Page.

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